Whether you’re an employer assessing a job applicant, an online dater checking into a potential mate or a cautious individual trying to protect a relative, background checks are increasingly common these days.


You wouldn't buy a product off of without first reading all the reviews of verified purchases, would you? So why would you hire someone without first seeing who exactly you are hiring? Sure, their resume says they are highly qualified, but after a background check you see that they were actually fired from their last job for theft. They also have a lengthy criminal arrest record from burglary to theft. Do you want to hire that person? 


The same goes with dating. So, you just met a new person off of Tinder or Plenty Of Fish. They seem like the perfect person, they are sweet, charming, and attractive. However, after a background check is run, you see that they are a convicted sex offender. You don't want that person around your child, do you?.

This is the importance of a background check. Sure, you can google the person, but without a professional, in depth search, you will miss a lot of information. Some crimes and stats can be removed from simple search engines and websites just calling a number or by sending an email, others by paying a fee. Apex Private Investigator can get the entire history, nothing erased.